Red Velvet Chair: The Makeover

You will remember my failed attempts at painting this ‘beauty.’


Take a look at her now!

Front View

Front View

Cane Chair Makeover Cane Chair Makeover





Isn’t she a beauty?!

Forgive the poor lighting in the photos. I promise to share the steps I took for this makeover.

My Red Velvet Cane Chair

I was in luck a few months ago when I scored this chair for $34! For weeks I played with different ideas of how to make this chair my own.


I soon found my inspiration chair at Dimples and Tangles


My first attempt to transform my chair was inspired by this post I found via Pinterest by Pinterest Addict, she used Tulip Fabric Spray Paint to paint her chair. Hers turned out quite well after 5 bottles; I can only imagine how many I would need to turn my chair from red to snow white! I realized that this would be an expensive venture when one bottle failed to cover the front side of the cushion adequately, and I did not like the texture  (with a 40% discount at Michaels each bottle cost 6.90!).


My second attempt was inspired by Hyphen Interiors and Vintage Revivals . I got my paint at Home Depot and my fabric medium at Michaels. I painted, painted and painted.  After my fourth coating, I knew this too was a fail. I felt better knowing I had lots of company in the ‘fail category’.



Maybe, if I had persevered for a few more coats the turnout would have been different, but the texture of the chair wasn’t appealing – it was too coarse for my liking. I wanted something that would be comfortable to sit in.

Throughout my attempts at painting my chair, I had my back up plan. If painting failed I would strip her all down and start afresh. That I did. And I am pleased with the outcome: Red Velvet Chair: The Makeover!

Master Bedroom Inspirations

It’s been awhile since I have shared anything new. These past weeks have been quite busy. I am shopping around for key pieces that fit my inspirational photos.

These are some inspirational photos that I’m using for our master bedroom :

Of course, to buy key items from these photos would cause me to break the bank, which I have no intention of doing. So I am shopping around and will update you on my finds!

A Perfect End to a Monday: Great Thrift Finds!

Three thrift stores in one day!


I love board games but they can be quite pricey. I took a trip to one of my favourite thrift shops just to see what was new and came across a stash of board games- including 3 of my favourites!

5 board games for $7.95! That less than $2 bucks each!




These were my finds:


Paid- .99c

Online for a low of $21.79 at Targets and a high of $199 on

And yes- all the parts, including instruction sheets were available J and the timer works!

Scattergories- I already have the Bible Version which I enjoy playing. Now I have the original!

Paid: $1.99

Online for a low of $37.03 on Amazon  and a high of 79.99 for the 1988 version (mine is 1989).

Probe- I’ve never played this game before, but the write-up was intriguing, plus it’s a word game!

Paid: $1.99

Online both on - $99.49 and $159.99


Paid .99c

Online for $19.99 on Amazon (the box is slightly different)   and $24.95 on Ebay

Chinese Checkers (Solid Wood) (2 pieces, one with  a chess board on the reverse)

Paid: $1.99 (missing marbles)

Online low of  a high of $37.99 on Ebay (one piece)

The other piece $40 on Ebay

High of $58.36 on

Total cost (brand new- high)- $522.29+ tax

SAVINGS- $514+ tax

Total cost (brand new- low)- $215.8+ tax

SAVINGS – $207.85+tax

I can’t wait for our next GAMES NIGHT!


As if that was not enough, I found two lamps that resembles my inspiration pieces. I can’t wait to transform these beauties!

Thrift Find:


Updates for my lamps will follow soon!


On Turning 30 Prt 1: “Don’t say 30, say Triple X”

“Don’t say 30, say ‘triple-x!':

Not Going Gracefully
By Tom Mulhern

It isn’t fair, that’s what I say
To go from twenty-nine to thirty in just one day

It’s much too drastic, it’s too big a change
It’s got me unsettled and it feels all strange

This shift is too sudden, it doesn’t seem right
To be twenties for ten years, then thirty overnight?

From twenties to thirties is heartless and mean
There really should be something in-between.

Well, the truth is there is nothing in between- at Sunset on April 8th 2013 I crossed over into triple X.

On my birthday I was alone for the mid portion of the day and used this time to reflect on my 30 years and what I have been…

I have been hurt yet cared for

I have been downcast yet hopeful

I have been hungry yet had much to eat

I have been backstabbed, yet learnt to forgive

I have been broken yet healed

I have been broke yet had enough to share

I have been angry yet looked past my anger

I have been depressed yet found peace

I have been preyed at yet prayed up

And I have seen much

I have seen pain, experienced pain, given pain, yet eased pain,

I have been hugged, respected, disrespected, cared for and loved.

I have seen death,

I have mourned, been comforted and left with memories

I have seen relatives with cancer, gunshots, ALS, pain

I have wept, I have bawled, I have cried

I have laughed, smile and grinned

So in 30 years, triple X, if you may

I have seen a lot. More than some have seen in a lifetime.

But nothing compares to the mercies of God that I have seen

I have lived through much, more than most even know

And my strength has failed me, but in times when I don’t know

God has always known and He has KEPT me.

So in this new decade, I will see lots more

Some will be good, some will be bad

But whatever I will see or feel

I pray by God’s grace, that I will never forget what God has done in my life,

Will continue to do in my life

And what joy my eyes will behold when He comes again!


Thrifting Away

One of my favourite pastimes is shopping – whether with my eye or with my wallet. I simply love to shop – but I’m a picky bargain shopper. I have my own ‘self-imposed’ price limit for each kind of item that I buy. With my growing love for the thrift shop, thanks to my friend at Love on Sunday I am in process of reasoning out a ‘thrifting’ price limit.

Over the past weeks I’ve visited at least 3 thrift shops, with my growing intention of turning someone else’s trash into treasure. I aim to get small items, after all we still live in an apartment and as my sister always says, she ain’t coming with me on my episode of hoarders. I can’t blame her. But I can’t deny my passion to transform junk. 

It’s amazing how waking up to your dreams can push you forward! I’ve always been creative, but I’ve also been quite timid to try ‘bigger’ creative stuff, that is until I realized I am turning 30 (well, now in a few weeks). This realization opened up something in me – the desire to pursue the things I’ve dreamt of doing – the feeling is surreal.

So each week I look forward to my next project. This is a showcase of what I’ve been up to with my latest thrift shop excursions.

Project 1

A Starburst Mirror

I came across this wooden object in the Salvation Army thrift shop. I think I paid about $3. The moment I saw it, I knew exactly how I would transform it. To complete the transformation I purchased a mirror and a jar of green acrylic paint from the dollar store. I already had all the other items at home. I decided to add some ‘bling’ by using a sieve to add glitter to the frame.


Project 2

The Brooch Storehouse

I love brooches. This is my favourite way to add glam to my outfits, especially since I do not wear jewelry. I came across this box at the Thrift shop ($4.99) and fell in with it. I didn’t like the colour, but, that could be fixed. Interestingly, I opted to paint the box in white, my least used colour for transforming objects. My other thrift find was also painted white- maybe I am ‘warming up’ to white pieces.



Project 3

The Ottoman

For a long time I have desired an ottoman. I planned on buying one but after seeing this transformation on Pinterest, my desire changed gears. I wanted to make my own ottoman. I’ve been on the look out for the ideal coffee table for a while now, many have come close, but not close enough, that is, until last Thursday. Last Thursday I spotted this junk ($7.99) and knew immediately that this was the bone of my ottoman! I will share a more detailed description of my ottoman’s journey in another post. For now feast your eyes upon my beauty :).




Stay tuned for more thrifty moments!


A Bouquet for a friend

My girlfriend’s husband ‘ordered’ a cake for her surprise birthday party. I was so excited to get to work. This girl has been my pal since I started attending TWest, and no matter how many times I go back home- she’s always here waiting for me, picking up where we left off. I love her lots.

I was torn between two cakes – a gift box or a basket of flowers. One thing both had in common was that they would be square. I finally decided on a basket of roses.

I did a double layer cake- red velvet & vanilla-  filled with cream cheese and strawberries.  This cake took me about 14 hrs total!

This is the final product:


The Basket of Roses- sideview

The Basket of Roses- sideview

The Basket of Roses- top view

The Basket of Roses- top view


The Basket of Roses- Backview

The Basket of Roses- Backview



And of course, leftover batter makes great cupcakes!

Red velvet/ Vanilla with cream cheese filling

Red velvet/ Vanilla with cream cheese filling

Red velvet/ Vanilla with cream cheese filling

Red velvet/ Vanilla with cream cheese filling

Red velvet/ Vanilla with cream cheese filling

Red velvet/ Vanilla with cream cheese filling

My friend’s was very happy about the cake and had this to say:

“Nikki ur impressing me more and more with your great talent! Thank you so much for my b’day cake! Loving it so much, means a lot to me. The time, thought and talent!”